Be You.
Our Mission

Throughout history, people have always sought refuge in communities of other like-minded individuals. The generation today are creating their own paths, their own identities, their own genders. We have created communities where your social interactions with like-mind people take place in a positive environment.

We have designed a “bedroom door” where users can express their desirable sides with other users they “invite” inside. We have created the natural bridge between your social side and sexual side with a revolutionary concept that is positive, healthy and powerful. We are living in a generation where our young adults are searching for a place to belong, to be heard, to be accepted and adults are searching for a place to be educated in this new generational shift.

DSired could be what the world has been waiting for. It offers the perfect combination of passion for self-fulfillment, and pursuit of trustworthy, engaging information. Through our communities, you can access everything you need to reach this fulfillment in a safe and healthy environment.

The True You

You are beautiful and unique from everyone on this planet. You shouldn’t feel shame about what makes you different. When you open your heart and risk the vulnerability of sharing your unique desires and passions with the world, you let others know who the true you is.


You deserve to desire and be desired, and we think this concept has the power to unlock your inner beauty, exposing who you truly are as an emotional and physical being.

The Community

At the DSired Environment, there will be communities for:

  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Identity
  • Relationship Status

And everything in between: Essentially, you, our user, will be the one creating our communities. No matter what you’re into, we want to hear about it and see what unique communities blossom from you.

We want everyone to find a community to be a part of on DSired, and if you don’t find where you belong, then DSired will allow you to create a new community for others to explore with you.

Sexual Orientation

People are attracted to people. We come up with labels to identify what people are by who they are attracted to. The opening statement is all that should be said. Phycologists will tell you, you belong in this group or that group or this label or that label. That is human construct used to organize experience and catalog existence so that we can confirm it, acknowledge it, remember it. All moments of human connection are equally real. We are the owners of our own destinies, the pioneers of our lives. And yet our world is made of labels, external truths that appear and repeat over and over across the millennia. For it is only by standing on the shoulders of the past that we can truly gaze into the future..

Gender Identity

We can not help but wonder how much difference one person makes in the world. We look inside ourselves questioning who am I? What am I? But the truth is every time we take action we make an impact, every single thing we do has an effect on the people around us. Every choice we make sends ripples into the world and our smallest acts of kindness can cause a chain reaction of unforeseen greatness. Be proud of who you are, what you are. Sometimes what brings us together are those things that we are all afraid of. Fear. One of the few things that make us who we are. The only uniquely human force with enough power to overcome fear, is love.

Relationship Status

There are infinite ways to communicate. Some better than others. Signals, signs and connections. Language is considered the ultimate form of communication designed to optimize our connection to each other. What is a relationship? How should a relationship be? From the healthiest relationship to the unhealthiest  we define ourselves by our own walls, our boundaries. I am me therefore I am not you. We are safe in our own walls. Relationships collide with forum, dynamic energy explodes, and yet it’s at the edges the walls between us where ideas, love passion and desire are exchanged and knowledge is gained. I am me, but I must push past my walls if I am ever truly to know you. If we are lucky we come home having learned great lessons for our shared destiny. For our purpose of our life travels both inward and outward is not merely to see the unseen but to bring those visons of knowledge to share with those we love..


Accept Yourself Unconditionally